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How to Measure Internet Speed ​​by Websites or Programs 2021

Many people are bothered by the internet speed provided by different companies to enjoy the service, but some have a problem with it because the end of the month is not complete because the internet stops and select it again, in addition to the disproportionate consumption of the fees paid for it.

We can avoid these issues and difficulties faced by the individual in accessing the internet by measuring the internet speed and knowing the exact percentage. There are then many ways to measure the internet speed to maintain it well whether it is at home or outside by mobile phone and this is what we will discuss during News Eye.

How to measure internet speed

Now the internet user can enjoy the service more quickly when downloading, playing games and other actions others do through their use of the internet. Recently, it has witnessed a wide spread. Without the Internet, electronic work, network marketing and advertising that some companies accept to increase the spread of their product will stop.

Therefore, I have found several ways that we can measure the speed of the Internet through a mobile phone or through a computer, including:

  • We can directly measure the speed of the Internet through the mobile phone by downloading (the speed test application – or the Metero application – or the speed check light application)
  • In addition to determining the speed through some sites, including (fast site – or speedof.me – or netspot – or a meter site – or speed.google fiber)

stc internet speed test site

progress sc company Saudi Telecom has many services for all citizens, discounted offers and packages characterized by low prices, in addition to high-quality Internet at home, but some Internet users have problems accurately testing the Internet speed, so the company was eager to provide some sites to help Internet users test for speed and determine whether they have a problem or not, examples of some of these sites are: the fast site – next to the speed test site.

Measure internet speed with fast

How to determine the speed of the Internet

We can determine the speed of the internet consumed by entering it fast site Then the site automatically counts the speed and within a few minutes the download result appears.

Measure the speed of the internet through the speed test site

How to determine the speed of the Internet

The speed test site knows that it is one of the most important sites that have spread in a short time, to help him know the speed of the Internet for free and fast, and it can also exist as an application for mobile devices, here are some steps to to know how to measure the capacitance through this:

  • Login to a site speed test the official.
  • Then we click on the go icon in the center of the window.
  • Wait a few minutes for the site to return the speed test results, and also provide the values ​​for ping_download_upload speeds).

Measure internet speed with Google Fiber Speed

The site is published by the global company Google, which allows us to enjoy a number of services to measure the actual Internet speed for free, in addition to the unique distinction during the speed test process and the high level of efficiency. The speed can be determined when entering the The website is direct.

The main programs to measure the speed of the Internet

Egypt and other countries witnessed remarkable progress in computing and technology as mobile devices were developed, so day by day we are seeing new and modern versions of phones and computers in addition to the significant development of applications to match the new devices that are issued, as the main programs were issued to measure the speed of the internet to monitor its quality and monitor the individual’s daily consumption, examples of such programs (Cepd Test Program – and the Meteor Program)

Speed ​​test program to measure the speed of the internet

How to determine the speed of the Internet

The Speed ​​​​Test program detects the quality of the phone’s connection to the Internet and displays various quality results with a speed monitoring service, in addition to the fact that the program can create a table of speed test values ​​previously measured in order to provide better quality control. This application can be used for all types of devices including Android or iPhone. To download the application, you can follow some of the following steps:

  • Enter the Google Store google play In the case of Android, or access to the Apple Store in the case of iPhone devices.
  • We then write the name of the application in the search field Download the app Wait for the download process to complete.
  • After the download is complete, you will be logged into the application and the test will run.

Meteor speed test program to determine the speed of the internet

We can use the application to know and determine the correct speed of the Internet, in addition to the presence of a list that keeps track of the previous test results to follow up more precisely, to enjoy the application, download from:

  • Enter the Google Store google play In the case of Android, you log in directly to IOS devices via Clutch.
  • We then write the name of the application in the search field Download the app Wait for the download process to complete.
  • Once completed, log into the application and take the test to determine the speed.

Speed ​​​​check light program to find out the speed of the internet

  • This program is one of the most important programs that Android and iPhone type mobile devices benefit from as it offers many options to determine the speed of the Internet by performing speed tests.
  • The program can be downloaded directly from the store google play This is for all mobile devices.

Real internet speed measurement

Everyone wonders what the real internet speeds are. Studies in the field of technology have concluded that the main internet speed is divided into several real speeds that are measured through a number of applications and websites dedicated to it. Examples of real internet speeds are:

upload speed

  • Upload speed is defined as the speed at which you upload photos, videos and files within the device to social media platforms and others.
  • The upload speed, also known as upload, is one of the necessary calories to estimate when measuring the total internet speed.

Download speed

  • The download speed is the only speed that plays movies and video clips in high quality and clear picture, if the speed is fast.
  • In addition, it helps to download some PDF files or videos in an easy way.

The main reasons that affect the speed of the Internet

There are several reasons and factors that lead to a drop in internet speed at home, including:

  • The quality of the internet connection, since the packages have high speeds, the user avoids the problem of slow internet or poor network connection with the mobile phone.
  • Distance plays an important role in connecting to the network, because the closer the user is to the location of the Internet, the faster and more efficient the network becomes.
  • The speed of the Internet decreases if many people use it at the same time. This situation occurs when you rest from work, when everyone goes home to enjoy and spend some time browsing.
  • Using old, corroded wires and connections can affect the speed and quality of the Internet.
  • Opening links from unknown sources while using a mobile phone has a great and direct impact on the speed as it hacks the phone without your knowledge and accesses the internet networks used and reduces its quality.

So, dear reader, we have come to the conclusion of this article in which we have covered how to measure the speed of the Internet correctly, in addition to identifying the main reasons that affect the speed with knowledge of the types of speeds to be determined when using the internet, now you can determine the speeds of the internet with high accuracy and run the available tests he covered through News Eye Site.

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